Our Timeline

As I’ve said time and time again, you’re a the mercy of the Immigration System.
Flawed or not, there’s a reason Australia is such a desirable country to move to, and that is in part due to the rigorous immigration systems they have in place.

Looking back on everything, with the benefit of that 20/20 hindsight, we were so lucky that our process was as smooth as it was. Our timeline was incredibly efficient in the grand scheme of things.
I’ve still not forgotten how lonely I felt in Auckland and how frustrating the process felt when we were right in the heart of it, there’s nothing better than sitting in my house in Melbourne writing this post.

The hardest part for me was the uncertainty, of not having a timeline I could work towards, of not knowing how everything was progressing, because ‘no news is good news’.
Your timeline will not be like ours, but as a guide for how long you might expect everything to take, here’s our visa timeline.

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Our ‘Meet-Cute’

Every couple (not-so) secretly loves telling the world how they met. And like every great ‘how we met’ it started off really awkwardly.

It’s the moment we dream of.
Hollywood has spent decades perfecting the meet-cute and you assume you’ll get a monumental buzz when you meet ‘the one’.
I’m not saying it doesn’t happen like that for some people, but I gave up on ‘love at first sight’ a long time ago.
Lucky for me, Zac hadn’t.

not your typical office romance.

I met Zac at work.
I had just started in sales, peddling memberships at South Pacific Health Clubs and he was one of the club personal trainers.
I’m incredibly awkward, and a complete nervous sweater and knowing I was supposed to be an adult and shaking hands with all these new people made my palms slick.
A few damp handshakes into my induction and I grimaced as I was introduced to this baby faced trainer the boss was hilariously referring to as ‘Tiny’.

I soon realised why he was grinning, as when ‘Tiny’ stood up, he towered over me.
“G’day, I’m Zac.”
He held out his hand and I panicked.
“Oh, I’m not really a handshake kind of girl, I much prefer to just go straight in for the hug, not professional at all, but I’m more of a tactile…”
“No problems there, I give great hugs, bring it in.”
To be fair, the hugs did get better from that first one.
His gangly limbs and bony hips gave him more of a ‘Groot‘ countenance and having never hugged someone so tall I had no idea where to put my head. He was desperately trying to avoid groin to groin contact and the entire office was watching.
It was awkward to say the least.

As I found out later that day, I’d seen him hobbling around the gym floor in a moon boot when I came for my interview, but having confused him for my only other sales competition, decided I’d take a healthy disliking to him.

Later on that day, while I was busy trying to muster up the courage to use the phone, he slid over to me and tried to casually ask how old I was.
By this point I already felt like I knew a hell of a lot about him and despite being generally terrible a bit rusty with the flirting game, I was pretty sure this line of interrogation was leaning romantically.

the weirdest personal training session of my life.

Like every couple, I love telling this part.
The next day he’d cleared his schedule in the afternoon so he could show me around the equipment and help me get used to the gym.
Clearly detecting a complete noob in me, I was glad to get all the help I could get, and while I was sure this was a ‘come on’, Zac was so sweet to everyone, it was hard to tell where it was going.

The thing I really liked about him then and completely adore about him now is how open he is.
You can’t help but feel at ease around Zac.
Warming up was laced with conversations about the size of my chest, if I had to wear extra sports bras, or got back ache a lot, but I wasn’t uncomfortable answering, it felt like I’d known him for years, not days.

He began putting me through my paces, finding out a world of information about me while doing so.
By the end of the session we’d shared a brief synopsis of our entire lives and there was so much more I wanted to know about him.
Sets were interrupted with compliments. In particular I remember him stopping me with 3 box jumps to go; thinking he was going to correct my technique, the excuses were already tumbling out of my mouth but he was more distracted with the koala socks on my feet.
He told me I had the prettiest eyes he’d ever seen and then without skipping a beat ordered me to drop and give him 10.

There was just something about him.

But I was hung up on his age.
At this point Zac was 20, so in boy years, 16.
But he wasn’t your typical 20 year old.
And there was something there.
Something beyond aesthetics (I’m a sucker for a tall boy), and beyond awkward flirtation (I’m a sucker for a funny boy), and beyond the fact he was ‘exotic’ (I’m a sucker for a South African accent…he didn’t quite get me there).

In the end, as he asked me out to watch a movie while I cooled down, I thought:
“F**k it, nothing to lose. Free movie if nothing else.”
Looking back on that moment now, two years later, with hindsight and a hell of a lot more self awareness, it feels like a much bigger decision than just the movies.